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Mark Palmer


Mark started working for the family business in the 9th grade, at the ripe age of 14. He attended a year of formal education at Dixie College in St. George, Utah, studying business. He then went on to an additional year of schooling combining courses offered at both Salt Lake Community College and the University of Utah. Mark oversees both the office and warehouse production and is the primary contact for outside sales. He enjoys nothing more than being in Lake Powell with his wife Lisa, and two children.

Trask Palmer

Director/Head of Sales

Son of Mark Palmer, and Grandson of Walt and Katie Palmer, Trask joined the family business as a full-time employee in 2014. After graduating from Murray High School in 2013, he made the family proud by joining the United States Army. He works primarily in delivery and pick up as the company Driver but is also available to customer assistance at the front counter. He also has a deep love for Lake Powell where he spends time with his wife Quinne and puppy Dax.


Austin Auburger

Director/Head of Manufacturing

Great grandson to Walt and Katie Palmer, Austin joined the family business as a full-time employee in 2015. After graduating from Bingham High School in 2009, he attended an array of courses at Salt Lake Community College in addition to independent study. He also works primarily in shop manufacturing alongside Mark and Jeff, helping customers at the front counter as needed. He enjoys video games, reading, and time spent in the wilderness with his girlfriend Deborah and their kitten Cooper.

Jeff Campell

Manufacturing Manager

The business was very lucky to acquire Jeff from Trump's when we purchased their facility in January of 2012. After working for them, and in the sheet metal manufacturing industry for over 28 years, he is a welcome addition to Walt Palmer Supply. Jeff works primarily in shop manufacturing but utilizes his industry knowledge by also assisting in outside sales. He spends his time outside of the shop with his wife, children, and new grandchildren, pursuing his passion as an avid hunter whenever he can find the time.


Brighton Grimes


Brighton came to work with us in April of 2018, and has quickly became one of us.  He provides us with the missing link we have needed for quite some time.  We are happy and proud to have him working with us.

Nishelle Younger

Office Manager

Great granddaughter to Walt and Katie Palmer, Nishelle joined the family business as a full-time employee in 2017. After graduating from Bingham High School in 2011, she went on to graduate from Salt Lake Community College in 2013, then from the University of Utah in 2017, obtaining degrees in English and Sociology. She now works primarily in the office, handling communication, accounts payable/receivable, and general office management.


"Un-official" Company Family


Walt N. Palmer


Walt is the oldest son and has been working here since the early 60's. He graduated Granite High School, and attended Salt Lake Community College, obtaining a degree in drafting. Upon completion of his formal education, Walt decided to stay with Walt Palmer Supply, Inc. applying all that he learned to the business he helped build. Walt has since retired (2015), but when he isn't visiting Disneyland with his family, he tends to the shop to support the family business.

Bill Kalikakis

Chief Coffee Tester

A longtime family friend to the entire Palmer clan, who spends each morning with the employees to enjoy a cup of coffee together. Though he doesn't work here, he is definitely a part of the company family.


Jody Palmer


Jody also started working here around the age of 14 and began his full-time employment after graduating high school in 1978. After many loyal years to his family's company, he decided to pursue a lifelong dream of being a rancher in Lava Hot Springs, Idaho. There he manages the Alpaca Inn with his wife Londa, and spirited alpacas.

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